Texas Bluebonnets

It’s bluebonnet season in Texas so on Friday Abbie and I drove to Ennis, a town thats known for its bluebonnet trails, to see all of the flowers, and to, of course, take some pictures!! It was quite an adventure! We went with no plans and just kind of nailed it, which led to us getting lost and making lots of u-turns. The maps to the trails were the “old fashioned kind” and wouldn’t come up in my GPS so it was definitely an adventure trying to figure out where we were going. We drove two of the gorgeous trails, but most of the flowers were on private property and behind fences so we couldn’t get in them to take pictures. Before heading home we last-minute decided to go to the Meadow View Nature Area in Ennis to check it out and I’m so glad we did!! It was filled with hundreds of thousands of bluebonnets in a meadow leading up to the shore of Lake Bardwell, it was absolutely gorgeous!! Here are some pictures from the trip, I hope you enjoy!! 🙂

Dress: Spell Designs Lovebird Gown

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