Shaggy Chic

This past Monday I went over to my sisters house and asked her to take some pictures of my outfit for me. Im in love with how the pictures turned out (Thanks Dani!!). It was so perfect because when we went out to take the pictures all of the horses came up and got in the pictures, and anybody that knows me knows Im such a horse person!! I wore this super shaggy cardigan that totally reminds me of the abominable snowman. I got it on clearance at a boutique while I was in Georgia. I’ve been obsessed with any cardigans or jackets that have different textures lately, so I had to get it!

On another note, I had been wanting to put some lavender in my hair for a couple of months but never wanted to commit to it. Then I saw my (amazing) hairdresser use a shampoo that temporarily added color to her hair. It’s by Celeb Luxury and its called Viral Colorwash. They have tons of shades but I ended up buying the lavender and silver shades since i’ve been obsessed with super ashy and cool-toned hair lately. This shampoo is so awesome! I just wash my hair with it and leave it in for like 5 minutes and it gives the coolest light lavender shade that fades to a silver-y grayish tint. The more I wash my hair with it the more lavender it will get, but I like it to be barely there and almost have a faded look to it. So if you’ve been wanting to try some different, fun hair colors definitely check out that shampoo!! I found it at amazon here.

Cardigan-SimilarSimilarSimilar in black  // Jeans- Mother Looker in Graffiti Girl // Shoes- Similar //


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