Meet Moo Moo

Hey guys, long time, no talk! Ive been in Texas for about two weeks now and finally feel like Ive developed some sort of schedule. Its always hard traveling and living different places because it takes a few weeks for me to get in the swing of things and feel like I have some kind of schedule. The holidays definitely didn’t help either, they were so busy for us here in Texas. Anyways, two weeks ago we got a new addition to the family, so meet Moo moo!!

Moo Moo (or mumu / moo for short) is an Olde English Bulldogge. We got her exactly two weeks ago when she was 12 weeks old so she is 14 weeks now. We’ve been wanting a big dog for a while but couldn’t get one since we were traveling and living in other countries, since we are stateside now we decided to get one! She is going to be 60+ pounds when she is fully grown and is currently a ball of energy. We named her Moo Moo because when we got her she was this little ball of fat that resembled a baby cow 🙂

Her favorite things include eating like a pig, chewing on anything she can get her mouth on, and terrorizing her Brother, Cuzzo, and sister, Rosalie. She is a mess, but we love her!! 🙂

Closest I could get to a family pic 🙂

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