When in Rome…

This past week we made a day-trip to Rome, which I don’t recommend by the way, next time we will DEFINITELY spend the night!! There is just too much to see to do it in one day. We saw many of the recommended places to go when in Rome, but we still didn’t get to them all. We ended up walking over 10 miles, we also had our dog with us and had to carry her some. She was a champ though and did walk at least 9 miles of it by herself, which is quite a feat for her since she’s a fatty and doesn’t usually walk a ton. Here are some pictures of beautiful Roma, enjoy!!

Taking a break from walking- we walked over 10 miles!!
Piazza Navona



Throwing coins into the Trevi Fountain- Legend says if you throw a coin in you will return to Rome


Castel Sant’Angelo

The Vatican

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