Fall Colors

I’ve been loving super warm, rich colors for fall, so I had to have this mustard colored sweater when I saw it. Mustard is already one of my favorite colors to wear (I consider it a neutral) and with the material this sweater is made of, the color just pops!! Perfect for fall!! Fall is definitely my favorite season to dress for. It’s so easy, just pop on a cute sweater, some jeans and booties and you’re ready to go!!

After we took these pictures yesterday we went and picked olives with a man who is going to make them into olive oil for us. It was super cool to see and be a part of the process instead of just buying a jar at the grocery store. First we had to knock the olives out of the trees onto nets and hit them off of any fallen branches. Then we dumped them into buckets and had to get all of the leaves out. After Five buckets and an hour and a half of picking leaves out, the man told us he had a machine at his house that would do it for us. So we went back to his house where the machine took five minutes what took us an hour and a half to do. In the end we had almost 200 pounds of olives with will make about 25 pounds of oil!!


Sweater- Zara   Jeans (I purchased on eBay for 1/4 of the price) – Mother Brand     Booties: (Similar)












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