Le Grazie

  We finally got a few days of sun here after all of the rainy and dreary weather we’ve had recently. Since the weather has been so beautiful yesterday we decided to get out and explore, so we went to a nearby town called Le Grazie. Its a gorgeous little Port town between La Spezia and Portovenere. […]

Fall Colors

I’ve been loving super warm, rich colors for fall, so I had to have this mustard colored sweater when I saw it. Mustard is already one of my favorite colors to wear (I consider it a neutral) and with the material this sweater is made of, the color just pops!! Perfect for fall!! Fall is definitely my favorite […]

Edgy & Sporty

    I have an obsession with t-shirt dresses. So of course I got super excited when I recently found this long-sleeve t-shirt dress at Zara here in Italy. I fell in love instantly since it will be great to wear in the fall and spring when it’s cooler because of the long sleeves.


Ciao Blogging world!! I’m Hannah Poteete and I’m 23 years old. After years of following/stalking many fashion and lifestyle blogs i’ve finally decided to start my own. I’m a lover of all things fashion and have a huge makeup obsession (sephora is my second home). I also love to travel. My husband and I are […]