Shaggy Chic

This past Monday I went over to my sisters house and asked her to take some pictures of my outfit for me. Im in love with how the pictures turned out (Thanks Dani!!). It was so perfect because when we went out to take the pictures all of the horses came up and got in […]

Meet Moo Moo

Hey guys, long time, no talk! Ive been in Texas for about two weeks now and finally feel like Ive developed some sort of schedule. Its always hard traveling and living different places because it takes a few weeks for me to get in the swing of things and feel like I have some kind of […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope everyone has a great day with family and friends!! We are spending Christmas with my family in Texas this year. It is the first time in 4 years that my whole family has gotten to be together, so we are having a great time for sure!! I wanted to quickly post […]

Dream World

We are all packed up and leaving tonight at midnight to head to the airport. We have a long trip ahead of us, by the time we get back to Georgia we will have been traveling for 30 hours. Im definitely dreading it but looking so forward to being back home in the States. The trip […]


Hey guys!! Hope all is well. I’m currently getting everything ready for our flight back to the states next Wednesday. I can’t believe we are down to one week. Im usually the type of person that packs the day before I leave, but this time I’m being productive and have already started to pack, mainly because […]

Camera Roll

I feel like it has been forever since i’ve done a blog post. Our internet went out last Monday and after calling the internet company hundreds of times and being told different things we finally got it back this weekend. We are down to our last week and a half in Italy. We leave next […]

Over the Knee Boots

Guys, I cannot believe it’s almost Thanksgiving!! They do not celebrate Thanksgiving here in Italy, so we are going to celebrate with an Italian twist and go eat pizza at an amazing pizza place here, which is completely fine with me since cooking isn’t my thing. I’m going to miss all the delicious Thanksgiving food though, so […]